24/7 Haz-Mat Response

Any hazardous materials incident presents a potentially dangerous situation. Chemicals that are combustible, explosive, corrosive, toxic or reactive along with biological and radioactive materials can affect the general public and the environment. While response activities needed at each incident are unique, the most important activity requires protecting the health and ensuring the safety of the responder, general public and the environment. OMI Environmental Solutions (OMIES) is dedicated to the highest level of professionalism and preparation in providing unrivaled hazardous material emergence response services to its customers and continues to be a leader in emergency response on the Gulf Coast.

The recent expansion of the Haz-Mat division allowed for the introduction of even more qualified personnel, most having more than 20 years of experience, in order to bolster the knowledge and capabilites of the response teams.

Our Haz-Mat teams can respond to situations at fixed facilities, on land, water and underground via pipeline, and are specially trained in various situations involving transportation and railcars.

Furthermore, the continued acquision of various specialized equipment, such as plugging, patching and capping for railcars, uniquely positions OMIES to be one of the only response companies capable of performing services that were once labeled as impossible outside of normal situations.

The OMIES Haz-Mat team has the expertise and ability to respond to all chemical spills and transfers utilizing their solutions-oriented approach.

Areas of discipline include:

•    Chemical Incident Response
•    Biological Incident Response
•    Unknown Chemical Response
•    Compressed Gas Incident Response & Transfers
•    Chemical (Dry & Bulk) Transfers
•    Clandestine Drug Lab Response
•    Abandoned Container Recovery
•    Atmospheric Metering & Monitoring
•    National Spill Response Program (NSRP)



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