Standby Rescue Services

Standby Rescue Services


OMI Environmental Solutions (OMIES) offers standby rescue services that fully meet OSHA 1910.146 Regulations. The demand for these services has more than doubled over the past year. As a confined space can be encountered in a wide variety of businesses, it is important to recognize when assistance is needed to prevent injury and fatalities. Deaths in confined spaces often occur because the atmosphere is oxygen-deficient, toxic or combustible. It is extremely important for all employees who might be required to work in confined spaces to be aware of the differences in how OSHA defines confined spaces and permit-required confined spaces.

A confined space has three major characteristics: (1) a limited or restricted means of entry or exit, (2) a large enough area for an employee to enter and perform work, and (3) is not designed for continuous occupancy by the employee. Add to these three characteristics one or more of the following four characteristics and you have a permit-required confined space: (1) the potential to contain a hazardous atmosphere, (2) the potential for engulfing the entrant, (3) a configured space that might cause an entrant to be trapped or asphyxiated, and or (4) one that contains any other recognized serious safety or health hazards.

OMIES has teams that are available 24 hours a day - 7 days a week - 365 days a year. We can provide highly skilled, highly trained, experienced teams that can assist and compliment any confined space need in emergency or non-emergency situations. Our personnel work closely with our customer’s safety staff and managers to effectively identify confined spaces and hazards within their facility. As part of their ongoing commitment to providing the best rescue teams available, OMIES provides two and three person teams that are first aid and CPR trained.

Standby rescue services at OMIES have been utilized in a variety of industries including chemical and petrochemical plants, construction sites, military needs, municipal public works, general industry, pipelines, plant shutdowns and turnarounds, power plants, telephone utilities, first responder, and water and waste water facilities. However, there is no limit to OMIES’ ability to serve their customers with standby rescue services.


Services offered include:

•    Atmospheric Testing
•    Bottle Watch
•    Confined Space Project Management
•    Confined Space Rescue Planning
•    Confined Space Safety Supervision
•    Confined Space Standby Rescue
•    Confined Space Training
•    Emergency Fire Watch
•    Emergency Medical Technicians
•    High Angle Rescue Training
•    High Angle/Technical Rescue
•    Hole Watch (Attendant/Supervisor)
•    Permit Writing



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