Waste Management & Disposal Services

OMI Environmental Solutions (OMIES) provides turnkey waste management services. We are capable of managing and transporting all waste from the smallest of containers to bulk. OMIES is dedicated to offering the most cost-effective, compliant and efficient methods of waste management.

From industrial services to oil spill and haz-mat response, we are able to wrap up each project with waste disposal, if needed. We collect representative waste samples to submit to accredited environmental laboratories for proper analysis as required by each of the selected waste disposal facilities. the nature of the waste stream whether liquid or solid, hazardous or non-hazardous will determine which waste disposal facility OMIES will select as the final resting place for the waste. Whenever possible, recycling is the first and foremost option selected. OMIES will ship waste to a facility as designated by our customer. If the customer does not have a facility preference, we will select the facility which best suits the waste stream and the customer's best interest. As you know, the "cheapest" option is not always the best option.

Knowing that different customers have different needs, OMIES offers a wide variety of waste disposal and recycling options and services including:

•    Waste Characterization, Profiling &Transportation
•    Chemical Lab Pack Services
•    Compressed Gas Cylinder Identification & Management
•    Universal Waste Management
•    EPA Field Sample Methodology
•    Bio-Hazardous Waste Clean-up & Management
•    Unknown Waste Sample, Identification & Disposal
•    NORM Survey & Assessment