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E3 OMI has complete oil spill response capabilities utilizing response vessels, vacuum trucks, portable vacuum systems, skimmers, self-propelled skimmer boats, and more than 90,000 feet of containment boom. Classified by the United States Coast Guard (USCG) as an Oil Spill Removal Organization (OSRO), E3 OMI has well-staffed, response-ready facilities along the Gulf Coast with the ability to respond 24/7.

E3 OMI is strategically positioned and equipped to respond quickly and efficiently to any emergency or disaster. With a world-renowned reputation as one of the oldest oil spill response companies in the world, E3 OMI should be your first call.


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average most probable discharge (AMPD) COVERAGE

  • OMI provides AMPD standby services and immediate response AMPD releases to meet OPA 90 requirements
  • Respond to customers throughout the Gulf Coast and beyond with the National Spill Response Program (NSRP)

Decontamination Services

  • OMI has fully-equipped mobile decontamination units on standby ready to perform safe and effective decontamination operations
  • Our fully-trained professionals understand all aspects of the decontamination process, including confined space entry for cleaning boats and barges
  • OMI personnel can have a self-contained decontamination station operating in a matter of hours

Disaster Response

  • OMI has rapid emergency response capabilities with experience spanning some of the nation’s most well-known disasters including:
    • Deep Water Horizon
    • World Trade Center
    • Anthrax Decontamination in New York City
    • Numerous Destructive Hurricanes – Katrina, Rita, Ike, Michael
  • Once on site, OMI deploys a Chemical Reconnaissance Strike Team and Chemical Recovery Strike Team
  • With each disaster, OMI also deploys a Central Supply Unit (CSU) that functions a mobile safety supply store

International Spill Response

  • OMI’s International Response Strike Teams provide professional, highly trained response specialists who respond immediately to incidents worldwide
  • Members of OMI’s NSRP worldwide contractor network provide specialized equipment to ensure a safe and cost-effective incident remediation

Mobile Command Center

  • OMI has multiple Mobile Command Centers fully-equipped for central command operations
  • These Mobile Command Centers make it convenient to run operations on large projects that may last longer timeframes

National Spill Response Program

  • Developed by OMI in 2000 and has grown exponentially since to serve customers worldwide with over 300 sub-contractors participating
  • One-call emergency response available 24/7 to an incident anywhere within the world
  • OMI acts as the primary contractor for all incidents providing a Project Manager to oversee response activities either on or off-site
  • Single invoice to the customer at the completion of the response

Oil Field Services/Rig Cleaning

  • Mud tank cleaning including closed-loop systems, shakers, and sand traps
  • Rig cleaning including pumps, substructures, and derricks
  • Site cleanup
  • Oil-based and water-based mud cleaning services

Oil Spill Removal Organization (OSRO)

  • OMI is classified by the United States Coast Guard as an OSRO
  • OMI has Non-floating Oils (NFO) classification from the USCG
  • OMI can be listed by companies who meet the requirements for needing an NFO OSRO

Turnkey Remediation Services

  • Excavation and disposal of contaminated soil
  • Soil solidification and stabilization
  • Landfill cell cap and construction
  • Excavation and removal of buried drums and cylinders
  • Ability to divert clean drainage water away from or around contaminated area
  • Hazardous and special waste management