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Waste Management & Disposal

E3 OMI provides turnkey waste management services to manage and transport all hazardous or non-hazardous waste streams from non-bulk to bulk packaging. We will collect representative samples of the waste streams for submittal to an accredited environmental laboratory for proper analysis/waste characterization. Once characterized, E3 OMI will ship the waste to a permitted facility as designated by our customer. If the customer does not have a facility preference, we will suggest the facility that best suits the waste stream and the customer’s best interest. 

Additionally, E3 OMI has N.O.R.M. licenses in Louisiana and Texas, along with 40-hour trained Radiation Safety Officers (RSO) on staff. Our waste management division can also perform background confirmation and analytical testing for site remediation through the same accredited laboratories utilized for waste characterization. Our team is dedicated to offering the most cost-effective, compliant, and efficient methods of waste management.

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Bio-Hazardous Waste Management

  • US Federal regulations deem all bodily fluid or tissue as biohazards
  • Crime scene cleanup and decontamination
  • Accidents or other events that result in the presence of bodily fluids

Compressed Gas Incident Response

  • Extensive experience working with regulatory agencies recovering orphaned containers and compressed gas cylinders
  • OMI teams are trained to inspect and sample containers to identify contents, profile accurately, and dispose of properly

Field Sampling Services

  • Extensive experience in evidentiary sampling as well as sample collection for site assessments and waste characterization
  • Extensive experience in evidentiary sampling as well as sample collection for site assessments and waste characterization
    • Drums
    • Soils
    • Pits
    • Lagoons
    • Tank Trailers
  • Properly label and manage the chain of custody to preserve the samples for submittal to an accredited lab

Lab Pack Services

  • Trained personnel will inventory small containers to chemically sort, profile, package, label, manifest, and transport for proper disposal
  • Chemistry labs & pharmacies

Waste Characterization, Profiling, and Transportation

  • Proper waste characterization via Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and accredited laboratories, when analytical is needed
  • Utilize a diversified fleet of vacuum trucks, trailers, vacuum boxes, roll-off boxes, and vans or stake bed trucks to transport waste to a compliant, licensed waste disposal or recycle facility